Dearest friends and benefactors, 

When we founded this ministry in 1999, we knew that the message needed to be shared across the globe. We’re now reaching thousands of people every day through our online platforms and various speaking engagements. As the ministry continues to grow, we want to ensure it can be recognized from anywhere.

That’s why we’re so excited to unveil a project we’ve been working on behind the scenes – a revamp of the Pro Life Doc branding! In today’s visual culture, your logo and colors matter – they draw people in. This rebranding of our ministry allows us to appeal to a broader audience, and capture the attention of those who will carry on this ministry – our youth! 

New Pro Life Doc Branding

With plans to launch educational curricula and ambassador programs for social media influencers, we knew we had to measure up. Our revised logo and color palette are just a means to an end – an exciting avenue by which we’ll expand the reach of “Pro Life Doc” and the messages of personhood and redemption.

We’re loving the new look, and we hope it catches your eye, too! Starting today, our online presence will look a little different. Be sure to follow along with us as we share the Truth about Preborn patient rights with the world!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support for the Preborn.

In Christ,

Dr. Bill Lile

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