As much as we at ProLife Doc are deeply invested in the pro-life movement, it is important to remember that those who are pro-abortion have an entirely different view of abortion and what it is about. While we focus on the sanctity and positive value of every human life, the pro-abortion sector will claim that they are interested in “liberty” or the “right” of a woman to control her own body. 

But this argument ignores the obvious: if pro-abortion women are genuinely interested in controlling their bodies, why are they so willing to cede control to the pharmaceutical industry making money off of abortion? After all, it is not that hard not to get pregnant

If their bodies mean so much, why do they try so hard to destroy what their bodies are designed to do? The same woman who refuses to eat any GMO food will tell you that it is perfectly okay to ingest drugs that directly alter her body’s normal and natural functions, disrupting her endocrine and reproductive system. How can someone who calls herself a “feminist” hold a woman’s body in such contempt?

Segments of our society advocated and endured double-masking, months of lockdowns, and social distancing during the pandemic. Yet many of these same segments are unwilling to take any steps to avoid getting pregnant, even though getting pregnant requires considerably more time and effort than contracting a highly contagious virus. “Killing grandma” is bad, apparently, but “killing grandchild” is perfectly acceptable. Similarly, someone who has no reservations about getting an experimental vaccine cannot be bothered to utilize contraceptive methods that have existed for decades. 

The fact is, the more you look into and think about the abortion movement and its approach to the social implications of their position, the more you feel that all the discussion of “women’s rights” is mere deceit. The pro-abortion movement has a simple position: it is anti-life, anti-baby, and anti-people. 

People who favor abortion policies, and the agencies and organizations that promote it worldwide, do not care about anyone’s rights at all. The long game is to limit the population – not their own, mind you: it is only other people who need to go. One way to achieve this goal of eradicating or curbing human life is by convincing women that having a baby is not a cause to rejoice but to lament. And some women seem to happily go along with it, never questioning why so many people are invested in telling her that it is okay to kill her baby.

Hope and Love Over Fear

How utterly sad and tragic it is that so many women who buy into this rhetoric may never experience the joy and gratification of nurturing a new life and bringing it into the world. They are deaf to the message that life is hopeful and precious; they have been blinded, unable to see the world with new eyes full of wonder and delight.

If our culture truly respected women and wanted them to stand strong and independent, they would teach them to understand and respect their bodies. They would appreciate their unique and incomparable gift: their bodies are designed perfectly to bring forth new life. Instead, they are taught to disparage their womanhood, to regard their natural gifts and qualities as a nuisance, and to treat their bodies like playthings that they should manipulate and abuse to serve someone else’s agenda or their selfish whims.

Being pro-life is not just about saving babies’ lives. It is about affirming life itself as good, as something to be celebrated and valued. Our existence does have purpose and meaning beyond self-serving and temporary convenience and pleasure. It is about choosing hope over fear, optimism over despair, strength over cowardice, and love of others over serving oneself.

At ProLife Doc, my ministry aims to help everyone see the value of all life, particularly life at its earliest stage in the womb. Each new life is unique, distinct from every other human being who exists now or ever has existed on this earth. What new promise each new life brings!

As an obstetrician, I have helped over 4,000 women give birth, and I am never less than amazed at the miracle of new life. It is always a pleasure to see the joyful light in a mother’s eyes when she sees her newborn baby, and I consider it a unique privilege and blessing in my life that I have the opportunity to share in this moment.

If you would like to assist me in sharing my message with others by donating to my ministry, or if you would like to subscribe to my newsletters, contact ProLife Doc today. By sharing medical technology’s breakthroughs to treat the preborn in the womb, I am confident we can change hearts and minds to respect life.

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