Pro-Life Doc at careNET fundraiser for life!

On May 4, Dr. Bill Lile, the ProLife Doc, gave a speech at a fundraising dinner for Care Net of the Treasure Coast. Care Net supports the nation’s largest network of pregnancy centers, advocating for the Pro Life cause. Since 1975, Care Net has brought faith-based support and assistance to women faced with an unexpected pregnancy, and the intervention of Care Net members has saved over 830,000 babies from abortion. 

Focus on the Family

In mid-April, Dr. William Lile, the ProLife Doc, spoke at a Pro-Life gathering sponsored by Focus on the Family.As an obstetrician with a busy practice in Pensacola, Florida, Dr. Lile is no stranger to witnessing the miracle that is new life. He has decided to use his practice and his voice to serve the pro-life ministry not only in Florida, but across the country. 

Dr. Lile Appears on Seth Gruber Podcast

At the beginning of April, Dr. Bill Lile, had an opportunity to explain to a new audience his pro-life advocacy on behalf of the pre-born. Speaking with Seth Gruber on his podcast UnAborted, Dr. Lile once again gave a powerful and persuasive argument on both the scientific as well as spiritual foundations of why abortion is the taking of human life that violates both God’s law and natural law.

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