At the beginning of April, Dr. Bill Lile, had an opportunity to explain to a new audience his pro-life advocacy on behalf of the pre-born. Speaking with Seth Gruber on his podcast UnAborted, Dr. Lile once again gave a powerful and persuasive argument on both the scientific as well as spiritual foundations of why abortion is the taking of human life that violates both God’s law and natural law.

From his unique vantage of practicing obstetrics in Florida, Dr. Lile is able to provide his insights into the medical aspects of caring for the pre-born, and, in particular, showing how doctors all over the country are performing life-saving surgeries to babies in the womb

As Dr. Lile points out, aren’t all patients “persons” entitled to the protections of the law? If we can operate on babies in the womb, then as patients, they are entitled to all the benefits that medical science can provide. Therefore, on what basis can any doctor, sworn to “do no harm,” purposefully deprive any patient of life, whether through abortion or otherwise? With humor, logic, and facts, Dr. Lile shows the way forward in taking apart the faulty architecture upon which anti-life forces have built their arguments.

Dr. Lile is relentless and tireless in his efforts to reach audiences all over the country, to share his stories and his perspective–as well as his joy–in fighting this most worthy battle for the lives of the pre-born. In this podcast, Dr. Lile explains, as only he can, the beauty of the life that begins in the womb.

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