In recent years, there has been a growing trend that whatever group calls itself “feminist” can more accurately be described as whatever aligns with the latest progressive fad, whether transsexual posturing or tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus. In many cases, the issues have only a tangential relationship to anything relating to women. However, even when these groups address issues relevant to women, sometimes they are distinctly anti-women. The new “period pill” push is one of these issues.

You would think that any movement or position that calls itself “feminism” would actually advocate for women, upholding who and what women are and promoting their strengths, not exploiting their weaknesses. In early iterations of feminism, people who called themselves feminists advocated for the right of women to be treated with respect. They encouraged women to be strong and independent. Those were ideas worth supporting.


Period Pill = Abortion Pill

However, a very recent development shows that the modern iteration of feminism treats women as weak-minded, who need to be lied to to “protect” them from the consequences of their own bad judgment. This viewpoint is promoted by none other than Ms. Magazine, which advocates pushing “period pills” as a “fertility control” option. The reality: these pills are just mifepristone – yes, the abortion pill. That is not “fertility” control; it is abortion, plain and simple. 

Despite all the claims that abortion helps women, what is most telling is that the people promoting the period pill are quite candid that the purpose of using the term “period pill” is precisely to deceive girls: “Advocates say some people prefer not to know if they are pregnant.” These advocates then cite the “psychological and emotional benefits” these young women will obtain by being allowed – and outright encouraged – to remain entirely ignorant of whether or not they are pregnant before taking a pill that will kill any baby they may have conceived. Gee, Ms. Magazine, are you finally actually admitting that abortion is psychologically and emotionally distressing to women? Because the rest of your modern feminist sisters keep telling the world that abortion is no big deal.  

Well, so much for respect for women’s autonomy, education, and informed decision-making; that idea is out the window. Let’s not even bother reciting our mantra about women making reproductive “choices;” instead, we can just all pretend that the choice isn’t there at all. Let’s let women deceive themselves, blissfully ignorant of what is happening in their own bodies. That’s it: fix it all by calling it a “period pill”!

The abortion pill manufacturers, of course, are more than happy to go along with this new deceptive way to market the abortion pill. How interesting that the leftist feminists who rail against Big Pharma and capitalism at their Saturday marches and protests have no trouble supporting Big Pharma on Sunday morning. 


Lying to Women ≠ Empowering Women

Promoting “period pills” as an alternative to addressing the possibility of pregnancy is both misleading and disempowering. It contends that women should be sheltered from the realities of their sexual experiences and allowed to ignore the fact that some actions they choose to engage in – including sexual intercourse – have consequences for which they bear responsibility. The deceptive advertising and labeling of “period pills” infantilize women, diminishing their strength, agency, and independence.  

Ultimately, that is the underlying message behind marketing these pills as “period pills.” The goal is financial, another way to push mifepristone on women at the expense of women’s understanding and agency. The whole mentality of the “period pill” implies that women are incapable of handling the responsibilities that come with their sexual choices. It encourages ignorance and apathy, all in the name of profit.

Isn’t it time for whatever calls itself feminism to actually advocate for women? The reality is that many ideas promoted in the name of “feminism” should be called “masculinism;” the period pill is just one more example. Instead of promoting the interests of women, feminists seem to have idealized traditionally masculine traditions: contact sports, pursuing a career at the expense of relationships, hook-up culture, and sex without consequence. Even more pointedly, the “period pill” is the perfect tool for the toxic male that feminists like to demonize: “Hey, honey, don’t worry if you missed your period. Here, just take this “period pill” and everything will be fine. (For me, anyway. She doesn’t need to know.)”

If deceiving young women is what feminism is about these days, Ms. Magazine can keep it. At ProLife Doc, we don’t believe in lying to women. We take the time and trouble to educate young women about how their bodies are designed to conceive and nurture new life, which is beautiful and miraculous. We also inform women exactly what abortion is, which is repulsive and evil. 

What vision of womanhood do you support?

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