On May 4, Dr. Bill Lile, the ProLife Doc, gave a speech at a fundraising dinner for Care Net of the Treasure Coast. Care Net supports the nation’s largest network of pregnancy centers, advocating for the Pro Life cause. Since 1975, Care Net has brought faith-based support and assistance to women faced with an unexpected pregnancy, and the intervention of Care Net members has saved over 830,000 babies from abortion. 

In his keynote address, Dr, Lile speaks about what is happening in the medical profession that impacts the lives of the pre-born. 

On the positive side, doctors are now able to treat numerous conditions on pre-born infants that, at one time, might have been fatal to the baby: for example, blood transfusions, removing tumors, heart surgery, treating spina bifida, and reversing the abortion pill. Dr. Lile points out that this ability to treat the pre-born in the womb underlines the reality that the pre-born are persons, entitled to all the rights of any other patient.

On the negative side, he reveals what is going on in medical schools and residency programs, where pro-life medical students are being weeded out or being coerced to treat abortion as a legitimate medical procedure.

To find out more or support ProLife Doc, watch his speech here, or contact ProLifeDoc directly.


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