On May 2, the leaked draft opinion in the Supreme Court case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health captured the attention of the nation on social media and the networks, and talk of the reaction has inundated the entire news cycle ever since. Though no official opinion of the Court has yet been released, the draft opinion suggests that the Court may finally overturn the 1973 decision in Roe v. Wade, which purported to identify a right, embedded somewhere in the United States Constitution, of a woman to obtain an abortion.

Though no final decision of the Court has yet been issued, pro-life advocates everywhere are already feeling some relief that the day is in sight when our nation’s highest law will no longer stand for the proposition that the pre-born are not entitled to the right to life. However, the fight to win the minds and hearts of our population has all but begun, as the battle front will move from the Supreme Court to 50 state houses across the nation.

A Voice for the Preborn: A Patient is a Person, No Matter How Small

Throughout all this time, the Pro-Life Doc ministry has been a steady voice of hope and sanity fighting for the rights of the pre-born, in order to honor the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception. Part of our advocacy involves repeatedly stressing our theme that “a patient is a person, no matter how small.”

Change Begins Locally

Last weekend, we partnered with Choices Pregnancy Center in Glendale, Arizona to walk for LIFE!  After speaking at a Lunch and Learn event to several of the nursing staff and other locals, I spoke to hundreds of believers gathered to worship alongside Jordan St. Cyr and hear the message of pre-born personhood. Although my talks were in Glendale, Arizona, going Live on Instagram allowed us to reach people across the entire nation, many of whom learned about abortion pill reversal for the first time!

The next morning, we joined nearly 1,000 people in walking for life throughout the Glendale area, starting at Dream City Church and witnessing to countless pedestrians and passers by! It was a weekend of hope, and we were able to help the Center raise more than $75k to help mothers in crisis and their pre-born children.  God is good! We could not have done this without your commitment to the cause.

Now is the time to stand firm for life!  Roe v. Wade WILL be overturned! The decisions WILL return to the states – as they should.  We’re in the middle of history, and we’re proud to have you along for the ride.

To learn more about what the ProLife Doc Ministry is doing around the country, check out my speaking schedule here.

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