Vulnerari Praesidio: “Protect the Most Vulnerable”

On June 6, the Kansas City Chiefs football team visited the White House to recognize and celebrate their February 12th win in Super Bowl LVII. Among the players was Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker who was instrumental in the Chiefs’ victory thanks to his game-winning field goal in the last few seconds. 

You may not have heard of Harrison Butker before if you have never followed football. However, he made a few headlines earlier this year when he gave a Commencement speech at his Alma Mater, Georgia Tech, at the beginning of May. In most cases, commencement speeches don’t get much attention, but Butker’s address made a few headlines when he uttered some sentiments not often heard these days. 

Butker emphasized that the most meaningful ring he wore was his wedding ring, not his Super Bowl rings (yes, he has two). He also gave the graduates a not-often-heard recommendation as an “antidote” to the world and its prevailing culture: “Get married and start a family.” The cheers he received from the crowd after uttering that advice were encouraging. Despite the best efforts of an anti-family culture to denigrate marriage, children, and family, many still understand and appreciate the wisdom in age-old values. Buker further encouraged the graduates to focus on meaningful relationships and to know that their lives have value.

By all accounts, Harrison Butker is a pretty humble guy, not all puffed up with himself despite his fame and accomplishments. As he himself has noted, the accolades he has received are fleeting, and his most important legacy will always be his wife and children, which brings us to his visit to the White House with President Joe Biden.

Despite claiming he is a “devout Catholic,” President Biden has overseen one of the most pro-abortion administrations ever. Butker, who is Catholic, decided to make his own subtle statement on abortion by wearing a tie that said “Vulnerari Praesidio,” which means “protect the most vulnerable” in Latin. He also sported a small gold pin with two tiny baby feet that were the size of a preborn baby’s feet at ten weeks gestation.

Being An Example 

Some people may not have noticed Harrison Butker’s tie or his pin, but God did, as well as a few other sharp-eyed observers. Several news outlets, particularly those in the pro-life community, have now brought to light the subtle pro-life statement he was making at the White House. It was a characteristic move for Harrison. He chose to stand up for life without bringing attention to himself or making the event about him or his position. Nevertheless, he made sure that, in the building that houses the President of the United States and represents the country to many people throughout the world, he was unafraid to stand up as a public witness to his faith and for the lives of the preborn. 

Today’s news is filled with angry protesters and online “screechers” who seem to believe that the louder they yell or the more destructive they behave will somehow persuade others to agree with or join them. Nothing could be further from the truth; people of sense and conviction won’t be bullied. When it comes to the issue of abortion, the positivity, hopefulness, and love inherent in the pro-life message always have an advantage, and no amount of hysterics will overcome it.

When given a venue to speak, such as at the Georgia Tech commencement ceremony, Harrison Butker was unabashed in speaking out about what he believes and the values he stands for. His life and accomplishments speak for themselves when it comes to showing people the path they ought to take in life. As for his White House visit, hats off to him for using a public event to demonstrate his values without being confrontational, self-serving, or ungracious.

At ProLife Doc, we are confident in the ultimate success of our mission to save preborn babies from the scourge of abortion. The truth is on our side. We are happy to be part of a movement that people like Harrison Butker are part of, and we thank him for being a very public witness to the preciousness of every human life.

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