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New Life Begins At Conception

At conception, there is an unexplainable flash of light that occurs, instantly signaling the creation of a new and unique human life. Pre-born babies are intricately designed human beings with distinct purposes, genetics, and souls – join us in the fight for their lives!


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-Dr. William Lile

All patients have rights. Pre-born babies are patients, too! They deserve proper care and legal protection, just like the rest of us. It is crucial that we work to advocate for their right to life and dignity, as they are the most vulnerable patients of all.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.”
-Proverbs 31:8

Today’s medical breakthroughs allow surgeons to operate on babies inside the womb.

The umbilical cord of a baby can be transfused with donated blood as early as 18 weeks gestation to treat severe anemia in babies.

This means pre-born babies are patients entitled to legal protection.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

2/26: West Chester, PA


Pennsylvanians For Human Life

West Chester, PA

3/2: Brenham, TX


Brenham Pregnancy Center

Brenham, TX

3/9: Gilroy, CA


Informed Choices

Gilroy, CA

3/16: Vancouver, WA


Options 360 Women’s Center

Vancouver, WA

3/23: Highland, IL


Relevant Pregnancy Options Center

Highland, IL

3/24: Fort Worth, TX


Women’s Choice Resource Center

Fort Worth, TX

3/28: Tallahassee, FL


Capital Prayer Breakfast

Tallahassee, FL

3/30: Greeley, CO


Resource Center for Pregnancy and Personal Health

Greeley, CO

3/31: Keller, TX


Pregnancy Help 4 U

Keller, TX

4/13: Lincoln, NE


Pregnancy Center

Lincoln, NE

4/14: Cedar Rapids, IA


Bridgehaven Pregnancy Support Center

Cedar Rapids, IA

4/15: Mt. Pleasant, IA


Cradle of Hope

Mt. Pleasant, IA

4/16: Cedar Rapids, IA


Local Church

Cedar Rapids, IA

4/21: Dubuque, IA


Dubuque Right to Life

Dubuque, IA

4/27: Charlotte, NC


GATE Pregnancy Resource Center

Charlotte, NC

4/28: Sun Valley, CA


Open Arms Pregnancy Center

Sun Valley, CA

6/15-6/17: Ontario, Canada

6/15/2023- 6/17/2023

Alliance for Life

Ontario, Canada

8/31: Mobile, AL



Mobile, AL

10/14: Glenwood Springs, CO


Pregnancy Resource Center

Glenwood Springs, CO

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A Letter From The Pro Life Doc

A Letter From The Pro Life Doc

Dear friends and benefactors,

It’s hard to believe we’re already a month into 2022! Last year was a whirlwind of speaking on behalf of the preborn! As a Board certified physician, I am licensed to practice medicine in both Florida and Alabama.  I still have my private practice where I perform surgery and deliver 25 babies per month. That is my profession.

My passion, however, is traveling the country to Pregnancy Resource Center Banquets, Churches, and Universities using Science and Scripture to prove that the Pre-Born are Persons and deserving of Protection.

California: A Sanctuary?

California: A Sanctuary?

Fortress, sanctuary, refuge – these words evoke images of safety and protection, as they should. With Christmas in our recent memories, we recall Joseph and Mary, exhausted, cold, and far from home, looking for a safe place for the Christ Child to be born and think fondly of the humble stable that was chosen for this miracle.

In stark contrast, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom employed the word sanctuary in an entirely different and odd manner. He recently declared that California would be a “sanctuary state,” but his use of this word is striking considering what he is offering. 

Portland Grants Bereavement Leave After An Abortion

Portland Grants Bereavement Leave After An Abortion

Life is beautiful. It is a free gift from our Creator, and it is full of infinite possibilities. We can all rejoice at this gift. Anyone who has witnessed a birth can attest to the overwhelming emotions that are present at this moment. Gratitude and awe are mixed with joy and tears, hope and love.

Dr. Lile Appears On The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

Dr. Lile Appears On The Eric Metaxas Radio Show

As Providence would have it, Dr. Bill Lile and Eric Metaxas met recently in Colorado Springs, CO., at an event held by Dr. James Dobson. Eric Metaxas has hosted countless celebrities on his radio show, and he recognized what we have known for some time — Dr. Lile and his mission are quite special. 




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